Anchor chain composition

Date:Jul 11, 2019

The Chain Link includes the Common Link (C), the Enlarged Link (EL), the Open End Link (E), the Swivel (Swivel, SW), and the End Link. D Type End Shackle (ES), connecting link (KS) or connecting shackle (JS). The size of each link is indicated by the diameter of the round steel of the link, as shown in Figure 2.

A common link is a chain with a majority of the chain, and is a standard link that characterizes the size and strength of the chain. The size of the anchor chain is expressed by the chain diameter (Chain Diameter, mm), and the chain diameter (d) is the diameter of the common link in the corresponding anchor chain. The size ratio of the common chain link is: diameter d, width 3.6d, length 6d. The enlarged chain mainly plays a size transition in the anchor chain, and its size is increased by 10% compared with the common chain ring in the corresponding anchor chain. The end link is an open link with an increased size in the chain. It is used to match the connection of other links and has a dimensional transition. The diameter is 1.2d.

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