Anchor chain link

Date:Jul 31, 2019

At the front end of the chain, a section of the anchor chain whose ES is directly connected to the anchor shackle of the anchor is the first section of the chain. In addition to ordinary links, there are generally anchor chain attachments such as end shackles, end links, enlarged links and swivels, as shown in Figure 5(a). For ease of maintenance, these attachments are often combined into a detachable chain of anchors, called a swivel set, which is connected to the link body by a connecting link (or shackle). There are many types of links in the link set, one of which is shown in Figure 5(b). The opening direction of the end shackle can be determined according to the user's requirements, and is more in the same direction as the anchor shackle (toward the anchor) to reduce the wear and jam between the anchor and the lower anchor lip.

According to the specified anchor chain, a rotating ring should be provided at one end of the connecting anchor. The purpose of the swivel is to prevent the anchor chain from being excessively twisted when anchored. The ring bolt of the swivel should face the middle link to reduce friction and jamming. The ring bolt and its body should be on the same center line and can rotate freely. A new type of attachment, the swivel shackle (Swivel Shackle, SW.S), is also often used today. One is type A, which is placed directly on the anchor instead of the anchor shackle. The other is type B, which is provided at the end of the chain to replace the end shackle and is connected to the anchor shackle. After the shackle is set, the anchor end link can be omitted from the swivel and the end shackle, as shown in Figure 5(c).

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