Anchor chain sign

Date:Aug 15, 2019

The anchor chain mark is a mark indicating the number of anchor links applied to the link link (or the connection shackle) and the link around it. It is used to understand and grasp the length of the anchor chain outside the ship or in the water when throwing and anchoring.

A chain anchor chain connected by a connecting link is usually marked by the following method (as shown in Figure 8):

Indicates the first section: a wire (or a white steel ring) is wound around the crosspiece of the first link before and after the connecting link between the first and second sections, and a white water line paint is applied to the two links, and the connection is made. The chain is painted red.

Indicates the second section: around the wire (or white steel ring) on the crosspiece of the second link before and after the connecting link between the second and third sections, and on all the links between the two links Apply white water line paint and connect the chain ring with red paint.

Indicates the sections of the third to fifth sections and so on.

Beginning with Section 6, repeat the methods in Sections 1 through 5 for marking.

The last one or two sections can be painted with red or yellow lacquer as a warning to warn that the anchor chain will be released to the end to alert the anchor. In order to understand the anchor has entered the anchor chain and the received position of the anchor when the anchor is known, it is generally also painted white on several links corresponding to the sprocket or the chain when the anchor is received.

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