High altitude Spiderman must check the rigging in advance

Date:Feb 14, 2020

High altitude "Spiderman" must check the rigging in advance

The exterior cleaning of high-rise buildings in modern society is highly valued, More and more high-rise "spiderman" use slings and riggings to hang outside the buildings for cleaning. In order to ensure the safety of operation, the inspection of the sling must be done well.

There will be some "Spiderman" crawling up and down over the high-rise buildings. In fact, they are glass cleaners. They often work in such a high place, cleaning glass or cleaning some stains on the wall, etc. They use slings and riggings when they work.

In order to protect Spiderman's safety, slings are often used when working at heights. Before using, the slings and riggings must be checked strictly, and the real fastening must be ensured. The requirement of the sling is very high. First of all, it should be very firm, able to bear the weight of several people, and then it should cooperate with the sling. The sling cannot be made very rough, so it will wear and tear,  for a long time, the sling will be broken. Then the sling should not be too large, for example, we are working at high altitude. If the sling is too large, it is not easy to take, and it will affect the work during the operation.

We believe that with these fearless high-altitude "Spiderman", we can have a clean and beautiful city appearance. As a sling manufacturer, we should pay back their hard work and ensure their safety with high-quality sling products.


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