Lifting electromagnet history

Date:Mar 22, 2019

Inspired by the Oersted current magnetic effect experiment and a series of other experiments, Ampere realized that the essence of the magnetic phenomenon is the current, and the various interactions involving the current and the magnet are attributed to the interaction between the currents, and the current is sought. The basic problem of the law of element interaction. In order to overcome the difficulty that the isolated current element could not be directly measured, Ampere carefully designed four zero-measure experiments with meticulous theoretical analysis and obtained the results. However, due to the concept of over-the-range effect on electromagnetic action, Ampere has imposed the assumption that the force between the two current elements is connected along the line in the theoretical analysis. It is expected to comply with Newton's third law and make the conclusion wrong. According to the close-range effect, the current element generates a magnetic field, and the magnetic field exerts a force on the other current element.

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