Related research on hoisting rigging of offshore structures

Date:Dec 25, 2019

Related research on hoisting rigging of offshore structures

For the entire installation of marine structures, there are many links involving equipment and personnel lifting operations, such as barge operations between ships, the installation of equipment on the main project, the boarding, and the disembarkation of operators, pile cutting operations, and pile driving operations. At the same time, in the process of dock loading, small jackets and small blocks can be directly hoisted by floating cranes, and related equipment on the blocks can also be hoisted by tracks. In addition, during offshore installation operations, small and medium-sized jackets and small and medium-sized modules are basically used for hoisting.


All in all, for many of the above operations involving hoisting, hoisting rigging is indispensable in the entire project, so configuring a safe and economical rigging is the key to determining the successful installation of marine structures.

1. For the buckle of different forms of structures, it is necessary to deal with various influencing factors. Such as hanging point form, average hanging height, the tilt of the column, hook. Pay attention to these influencing factors and handle them flexibly so that the buckle can be accurate and the rigging configuration can be safe.

2. The rigging styles of the hanging-ear hanging point and the hanging-pillar hanging point link are different. The basic principle of the buckle is the same, but the form of the simplified simulation is different. The slings connected by the lifting ear type are generally simplified as a whole by the ear holes, the snap ring, the hanging buckle, and the hook head; the riggings connected by the hanging point type are basically ring buckles. Simplified into a ring.

3. Single-slope or double-slope jacket, the lifting points are offset, flexibly handle the offset coordinates and lifting height affected by the tilt. Offset coordinates need to be considered in the buckle, but the difference in hanging height due to the small angle tilt is generally small, which can be ignored and simplified, and the buckle work is simplified.

4. The calculation of the buckles for common structures is simple and convenient. According to the actual structural characteristics, the use of calculation tables can quickly allocate lifting rigging in actual projects, speeding up the project progress.


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