Strengthen the safety management of lifting appliances and slings

Date:Dec 23, 2019

Strengthen the safety management of lifting appliances and slings

With the in-depth promotion of the "Safety Production Law" and "Special Equipment Safety Law" and the improvement of people's awareness of safety, the expectations of employees in grassroots small and medium-sized industrial enterprises (hereinafter referred to as "factories") for safe production are also rising. Hoisting operations are dangerous operations, and the hoisting machinery used for hoisting operations is special dangerous equipment. Some statistics show that about 73% of hoisting machinery accidents occurred in the use link, and about 22.4% of hoisting machinery accidents were caused by the failure of slings. Therefore, strengthening the safety management of lifting appliances and slings has very important practical significance for preventing and reducing production safety accidents and special equipment accidents in factories.

Establish and improve the safety responsibility system

1. The main person in charge of the factory (that is, the legal representative) shall perform the following duties: take full responsibility for work safety including hoisting operations; strictly enforce relevant regulations and technical standards; accept and cooperate with the supervision and inspection of the safety management administrative department; be responsible Capital investment for hoisting machinery and hoisting safety facilities; responsible for equipping hoisting machinery safety management agencies, safety managers and operators.

2. Lifting machinery safety management personnel shall perform the following duties: handle the registration, change, and inspection procedures for the use of lifting appliances, accept the safety supervision and inspection of the quality supervision department; establish and improve the safety technology files of lifting appliances; Safety management procedures for sling use "and documents related to the operation and maintenance of lifting appliances; correcting unsafe behavior during lifting operations; responsible for sling management.

3. Hoisting machinery operators should perform the following duties: Strictly implement the operating procedures, and immediately correct or report unsafe conditions and unsafe behaviors; perform routine maintenance of the hoisting machinery, and report any abnormal conditions to the maintenance staff in a timely manner; Participate in safety technology, induction qualification training and emergency rescue drills.

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