Sling ductility reduces fracture probability

Date:Mar 20, 2020

Sling ductility reduces fracture probability

The main material of a sling is metal, and the ductility of general metals cannot be seen with the naked eye. What is the significance of the ductility to the sling? Gostern Rigging tells everyone that the ductility of metal can help reduce the chance of sling breakage.

When the sling is used, it is often not used alone. Many complex structures are often used together. This requires us to consider mechanically the influence of the load analysis on the ductility of the sling. Of course, from this point, the sling should have a certain ductility, because when lifting suddenly if there is no tension, the sling itself will carry excessive instantaneous tensile stress. The tensile stress can easily exceed the ultimate stress it can withstand. And if there is a certain elastic tension, it will play a certain buffering effect when lifting, which can greatly reduce the probability of rigging breakage, especially the wire rope rigging.

Everything is malleable, but it is just a difference in the extension curve. The use of the sling must ensure that it does not exceed the elastic stress range, that is, the hoisting must be within the range of the stress value that it can withstand, so as to ensure that safety.

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