Sling stress calculation method

Date:Apr 24, 2019

In the lifting work, due to the cultural level of the operators and the actual situation on the spot, the calculation formula of the regular lifting force is inconvenient to operate, and the measurement and calculation are relatively cumbersome. Here to introduce a simple, practical and easy to operate jacking force calculation method;

1. Before you work, you only need to prepare a ruler and mobile phone (for calculation).

2. Attach one end of the ruler to the hook, lift the hook to the weight of the rope, and measure the data from the hook to the heavy object:

3. Move the ruler to the heavy object lifting point and measure the length of one kilogram.

4. The data of the hook to the weight surface is divided by the length of a single jack rope to obtain a coefficient value.

5. According to the weight of the weight known to the weight and the number of the weight of the rope, such as two kilograms of rope lifting, that is, the weight of the weight of 1/2 (four kilograms lifting, that is, 1/4) multiplied by the coefficient The value is the gravity of a single kilogram.

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