Type of anchor chain

Date:Jun 27, 2019

According to the structure of the link, the anchor chain can be divided into two types: Stud Chain and Studless Chain. The link chain of the chain anchor chain (Fig. 1) is provided with a crosspiece. When the size and material are the same, the strength of the chain is larger than that of the unchained chain, the deformation is small, and it is not easy to twist when stacked, which is a modern medium and large type. Ships are widely used. The chain of the chainless chain has no crosspiece and is only used for small vessels. The code stipulates that when the diameter of the anchor chain equipped as required does not exceed 17 mm, it can be replaced by a non-stop anchor chain with the same test load or a wire rope or fiber rope with the same breaking load.

The anchor chain is divided according to its manufacturing method, such as cast steel anchor chain, electric welding anchor chain and forged anchor chain. The cast steel anchor chain has high strength, good rigidity, small deformation, wear resistance, easy to loose crosspiece, long service life, and is suitable for mass production. The disadvantage is that the process is complicated, the cost is high, and the impact resistance is poor. The electric welding anchor chain is made by bending and welding with the round steel material that meets the requirements. It has the advantages of advanced production technology, simple, low cost and good quality. The forged anchor chain has good impact toughness, but the manufacturing process is complicated, the cost is high, and the quality is unstable.

At present, the electric welding anchor chain has been the most widely used on merchant ships. Almost all of the anchor chains are made by flash welding, and less cast anchor chains are used. Except for the chain attachments, which are mostly forged parts, the forged anchor chain has been basically eliminated.

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