Stainless Chain Link



Product name stainless steel link chain

Material:316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel

Color:Self-color, E-Galvanized, ZINC-plated, Hot dip galvanized, Black

Breadth/thickness/Length/Safety working load:4mm-100mm/1t-100t

Specification:Lifting chain, Anchor chain, Chain sling, Hoist chain

Delivery cycle:8-30days




1. Wear resistance, high temperature resistance, low ductility, no elongation after stress, etc.

2. It has a long service life and is easy to bend. It is suitable for large-scale and frequent use.

3. Flexible multi legs and multiple combinations can improve work efficiency and reduce costs.


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3.The order will be produced exactly according to order details and proofed samples. Our QC will submit inspection report before shipment.

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5. Arranging shipping

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8.Good after-sale service.


1. Before using the chain and chain rigging, please see clearly the working load and application scope on the sign. Overload is strictly prohibited.

2. In normal use, lifting Angle is the key to affect the load, the maximum included Angle of lifting shall not exceed 120 degrees, otherwise local overload of chain rigging will be caused.

3. Irregular connecting parts are prohibited to connect the chains.

4. The bearing chain rigging is forbidden to be directly hung on the members of the crane hook or wound on the hook.

5. Temperature has certain influence on the use of chain rigging.

6. The lifting point of the lifting hook is required to be on the same plumb line with the heavy lifting center, so that the lifting weight is in a stable and balanced state, to prevent the lifting from sliding or capsizing.

7.between the chain is prohibited to twist, twist, knot, adjacent chain activities should be flexible.

8. When lifting heavy objects, rise, fall and stop slowly and steadily. Pay attention to the objects being lifted steadily and avoid impact load.

9. Do not try to force the chain rigging from under the weight or allow the weight to roll over the chain.

10. The chain shall be cleaned and tested after use, and the storage place shall be ventilated, dry and free of corrosive gases.

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