Angle Problem Of Webbing Sling During Lifting

Angle Problem Of Webbing Sling During Lifting

Date:Nov 26, 2019

Angle problems of webbing sling during lifting

The angle problem is involved in the lifting process of the two webbing slings, and this angle cannot be avoided.

Because during the lifting process, it is necessary to consider fixing two webbing slings from both ends, while lifting only one lifting point, the lifting angle is unavoidable.

In the lifting method we described earlier, there are two ways to fix the lifting belts, namely the straight lifting method and the knot method.

It is the same as the lifting and fixing method of a lifting strap. Only the two webbing slings are stressed, and the lifting angles are different.

The two lifting straps are lifted at an angle difference of 45° and 45°-60°

Straight lifting method: The 45° tensile force is 1.4 times the normal breaking load, that is, the maximum carrying capacity of two one-ton lifting belts is 1.4 tons;

The 45°-60° tensile force is 1.0 times the normal breaking load, that is, the maximum carrying capacity of two one-ton webbing sling is 1.0 tons;

Noose method: 45° tensile force is 1.12 times the normal breaking load, that is, the maximum load capacity of two one-ton lifting straps is 1.12 tons;

The 45°-60° tensile force is 0.8 times the normal breaking load, that is, the maximum carrying capacity of two one-ton lifting belts is 0.8 tons;

Chart of WLL


 single sling max working load limit (Kg)

round slings

pro_8pro_9pro_10pro_11 (1)pro_11pro_12 (1)pro_12

webbing slings

lifting belts assemblypro_13      
1000kg  1000800200014001000700500
2000kg  2000160040002800200014001000
3000kg  3000240060004200300021001500
4000kg  4000320080005600400028002000
5000kg  50004000100007000500035002500
6000kg  60004800120008400600042003000
8000kg  800064001600011200800056004000
10000kg 10000800020000140001000070005000
12000kg 12000960024000168001200084006000
15000kg 1500012000300002100015000105007500
20000kg 20000160004000028000200001400010000
25000kg 25000200005000035000250001750012500
30000kg 30000240006000042000300002100015000
40000kg 40000320008000056000400002800020000
50000kg 500004000010000070000500003500025000
60000kg 600004800012000084000600004200030000
80000kg 8000064000160000112000800005600040000
100000kg 100000800002000001400001000007000050000
200000kg 200000160000400000280000200000140000100000
300000kg 300000240000600000420000300000210000150000
400000kg 400000320000800000560000400000280000200000
500000kg 5000004000001000000700000500000350000250000
600000kg 6000004800001200000840000600000420000300000
700000kg 7000005600001400000980000700000490000350000
800000kg 80000064000016000001120000800000560000400000
900000kg 90000072000018000001260000900000630000450000
1000000kg 1000000800000200000014000001000000700000500000


 2 legs max working load limit (Kg)4 legs max working load limit (Kg)
webbing slingpro2_1pro2_2pro2_3pro2_4pro_6pro_7
round slingpro2_5pro2_6pro2_7pro2_8 QQ截图20191126153243QQ截图20191126153243 
lifting belts assemblypro2_9 pro2_10 pro2_11pro2_12
1000kg  14001120100080021001500
2000kg  280022402000160042003000
3000kg  420033603000240063004500
4000kg  560044804000320084006000
5000kg  7000560050004000105007500
6000kg  8400672060004800126009000
8000kg  112008960800064001680012000
10000kg 14000112001000080002100015000
12000kg 16800134401200096002520018000
15000kg 210001680015000120003150022500
20000kg 280002240020000160004200030000
25000kg 350002800025000200005250037500
30000kg 420003360030000240006300045000
40000kg 56000448004000032000

50000kg 70000560005000040000

60000kg 84000672006000048000

80000kg 112000896008000064000

140000 14000011200010000080000

200000kg 280000224000200000160000

300000kg 420000336000300000240000

400000kg 560000448000400000320000

500000kg 700000560000500000400000

600000kg 840000672000600000480000


800000kg 1120000896000800000640000

900000kg 12600001008000900000720000

1000000kg 140000011200001000000800000

Note: M = coefficient of symmetrical load, installation tolerance of lifting belt or lifting belt parts: 6 ° in the vertical direction.

The maximum working load of a hoisting belt has a great relationship with the hoisting method. Different hoisting angles have a different maximum of hoisting working loads.

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