Common End Fittings For Slings

Common End Fittings For Slings

Date:Feb 25, 2020

Common end fittings for slings

The use of slings cannot be separated from the assistance of some end fittings. What are the common end fittings? What role do they play?

1. Shackle

There are two types of shackles: D type and bow type. They can be used as end fittings to directly hoist articles or form flexible rigging connections. There are many specifications of shackle products, which are directly selected according to the rated load of the product according to the actual use situation.

2.End hook

There are many types of end hooks, and different types of end hooks can be selected to form different types of slings.

3. Rigging sets

When the steel wire rope buckle (cable eye) is connected to the end fittings, in order to prevent the bending radius of the wire rope buckle from being too small and causing damage to the wire rope, a rigging collar of the corresponding specification should be installed.

4.Wire rope clip

The wire rope clip is a quick tool for making buckles. If the operation is correct, the strength can be 80% of the strength of the wire rope itself.

The common end fittings are not limited to the above. In the handling of everyone, the inspection and maintenance of the end fittings are equally important. They must not be sloppy and bring hidden safety hazards. Please pay attention to them.

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