Detachable Steel Structure Sling

Detachable Steel Structure Sling

Date:Dec 06, 2019

Detachable steel structure

Detachable steel structure sling, including sling plate, connection plate, high-strength bolt, nut, washer, shackle. Each fixture includes two sling plates, each of which is provided with a shackle hole, three connection holes, and a u-shaped groove. There are two connecting plates, and each connecting plate is provided with 6 connecting holes, as shown in Figure 1.


High-strength bolts, nuts, and washers are used to tighten the connection plate and the sling plate after clamping. The shackle is used to connect the wire rope and the connection plate.

The sling effectively improves the lifting efficiency of the steel structure, enhances the safety and accuracy of component lifting, shortens the construction period of the steel structure, reduces the dependence on the tower crane during the lifting process, has simple production and high turnover rate And strong universality. Detachable steel structure slings are suitable for various H-shaped steel beams and trusses, especially for large and heavy steel beams and steel trusses. It is extremely convenient and fast. Its application reduces the air, noise and light pollution to a certain extent when hoisting the steel structure, meanwhile, it achieves good results in terms of material saving and energy saving, and has high green construction value.

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