How To Choose Slings

How To Choose Slings

Date:Apr 23, 2019

First: choose the sling from the concept

The steel wire rope is made of steel wire rope as raw material, mainly including phosphating coated steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope and smooth steel wire rope. It is used for lifting, pulling, tensioning and carrying ropes. It has high specific strength and light weight. It is widely used in steel, chemical, transportation, port and other industries due to its stable work and the difficulty of sudden breakage.

The chain rigging is a rigging made of metal chain links. According to its formation, there are mainly two kinds of welding and assembly. According to its structure, single and multiple, etc., high-quality alloy steel is used, and its outstanding features are wear resistance and resistance. High temperature, low ductility, no elongation after being stressed. It has a long service life and is easy to bend. It is suitable for large-scale and frequent use. Flexible and multi-limb, multiple combinations can improve work efficiency, reduce costs and so on.

The rigging set rigging consists of a main sling, a link shackle, a sling, a metal end assembly, and the main hoist includes a long sling, a round sling, a combination sling, and the like. The connection shackle includes a bow shackle, a chain shackle, etc. The sling belt includes a flat belt and a circular belt, and the metal end includes various hooks and other metal parts. The sling rigging can be freely optimized according to customer requirements.

Second: choose the sling from the precautions

Wire rope hoisting Note: If it is a one-leg sling, the hanging point must be vertically above the center of gravity of the object to be lifted.

If the legs are hoisted, the hanging points should be on both sides of the cargo, and the hooks are above the center of gravity of the object to be lifted.

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