Impact Of Marine Atmospheric Corrosion On Sling Load Safety

Impact Of Marine Atmospheric Corrosion On Sling Load Safety

Date:Mar 16, 2020

Impact of marine atmospheric corrosion on sling load safety

Marine atmospheric corrosion poses a serious danger to the load-carrying safety of slings with closed cavities. In this paper, beam-type horizontal slings and triangular slings are used as research objects, and various reasons for corrosion in the sling cavity are analyzed. A method for assessing the load-bearing safety of suspension beams in which salt fog corrosion occurred in the cavity was established, and calculation analysis was performed for typical suspension beams, and anticorrosive measures were proposed for active slings and slings under study. It has a guiding role in improving the bearing safety of slings in the marine environment.

During the hoisting of aerospace products, slings are key load-bearing components. Once corrosion and fracture of structures such as lifting beams will have serious consequences. Box beam slings and triangle slings have many applications in the aerospace field. In the marine atmospheric environment, due to the combined effects of environmental factors such as salt spray, high temperature, and high humidity, the potential risk factor of salt spray corrosion in hanging beams is high. Due to the invisible and difficult to measure characteristics in the box beam cavity and the triangle sling crossbar tube, in the routine maintenance of slings, the internal corrosion of the closed cavity of the hanging beam is often not detected.

In the past, in the design of the box beam, only the external surface was spray-painted, and no anti-corrosion measures were taken on the inner surface of the box beam. This also increased the risk of corrosion failure inside the box beam. In order to improve the safety and reliability of the sling, this article analyzes the cause of the corrosion of the sling by means of problem analysis, FTA analysis, simulation calculation, etc., and proposes a method for assessing the sling's bearing safety, and proposes that it should be used in atmospheric corrosion The anti-corrosion measures of the sling with a closed cavity below provide a reference for the maintenance and safety evaluation of the sling in service, and provide guidance for the corrosion protection design of the sling in development.

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