Multi Legs Lifting Webbing Sling

Multi Legs Lifting Webbing Sling

Date:Apr 07, 2020

Multi Legs Lifting Webbing Sling

The complete set of slings consists of the master link, link shackle, lifting strap, and metal end pieces. The master link includes lifting link, round link, combined lifting ring, etc, link shackles include bow shackles, chain shackles, etc, lifting straps include flat webbing slings and round slings; metal end pieces include various hooks and other metal parts; Complete sets of rigging can be optimized according to customer requirements.

The three-legged rigging is included in the four-legged rigging. Please pay attention to the relationship between the angle and the tonnage during use. The standard safety factor is 4: 1, and the available safety factors are 5: 1 and 6: 1.

Jiangsu Gostern Rigging is a professional manufacturer integrating research, development, and production. Its main products are various specifications and types of steel ropes, wire rope slings, nylon rope slings, round slings, flat slings Series, safety net series, safety belt series, lifting chain series, beam spreader series, metallurgical fixture series. Products are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, railway, petrochemical, port, electric power, automobile, aviation, construction, and other fields.


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