Notes For Lifting Operation Of Rigging

Notes For Lifting Operation Of Rigging

Date:Nov 20, 2019

All the webbing slings, wire rope slings, and chain slings quality produced by our company will be strictly controlled, but still, need to be operated and used correctly.

Rigging, every year there are accidents caused by the operation of non-professionals. The occurrence of such accidents not only endangers the safety of the staff but also affects the progress of the work. To avoid such incidents and ensure the safety of operations and personal safety, the majority of operators should strengthen the accumulation of operational experience and operate in strict accordance with the regulations. Especially during the lifting operation of the sling.

1. Arrange the person who is responsible for it. There is a special person who is responsible for guiding, taking care of the power gas unit, adjusting it and turning it into a hard accessory.

2, Should pay attention to whether the sling relaxation length meets the needs, pay attention to check the sling movement or not. When the wind speed exceeds 6 levels, regardless of the wind direction, the lifting and lifting work should be prohibited. If you encounter an increase in instantaneous air volume, you should stop lifting immediately.

3. During the lifting process, it is forbidden to change the growth and rotation procedures and perform the operation carefully. The team must pay close attention to the entire lifting process, check the use of the slings in time to avoid accidents and endanger life.

There are still many measures in the sling lifting process that require the operator to perform it carefully. The user must strengthen the training before the sling, and popularize the operation specifications. Only the lifting operation of the sling can be carried out above the correct operation.


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