Precautions For Using Riggings

Precautions For Using Riggings

Date:Nov 04, 2019

The hoisting operation is a special type of work that is technically strong and dangerous, and requires multiple people to cooperate with each other, coordinate with each other, and conduct unified command. Therefore, the operators must undergo strict training and be certified to work.

Before carrying out the work, it is necessary to analyze and calculate the environment of the job site, the weight lifting route, the weight and center of gravity of the work piece, the selection of the sling, and the equipped lifting equipment, and correctly formulate the lifting plan.

Note on the operation of the sling product:

1. The user should be familiar with the performance, precautions and scrapping standards of all kinds of slings and their end fittings.

2. The selected slings should be compatible with the shape characteristics and specific requirements of the work piece to be hoisted. If the conditions of use are not met, they must not be used.

3. Before the operation, the slings and their accessories should be inspected and confirmed to be in good condition.

4. Before hanging, the cable point should be selected correctly. Before lifting, you should confirm that the binding is firm.

5. The spreader and accessories shall not exceed their rated lifting capacity, and the sling shall not exceed the maximum working load in the corresponding hanging state.

6. Damage to the slings and accessories should be prevented during the operation. If necessary, corner protection should be added at the corners.

7. Slings should be inspected regularly during the period of use. If conditions permit, the spreaders and end fittings of large tonnage and important products should be inspected.

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