Quick Selection Method Of Temporary Lifting Sling

Quick Selection Method Of Temporary Lifting Sling

Date:Jul 01, 2020

Quick selection method of temporary lifting sling

When hoisting, rotating, moving vertically, or horizontally on equipment or parts at the construction site, wire ropes, shackles, and on-site hoisting lugs are commonly used for hoisting slings and hoisting machines. At the production site, people pay more attention to the choice of major lifting machinery such as cranes, hoists, masts, hand chain hoists, etc., but often ignore steel wire ropes, shackles, and on-site production of lugs.

For safety, all lifting tools should be selected correctly to ensure safety. In general, except for the main equipment, tooling accessories, the lifting scheme is specified, and the choice of steel ropes is specified, the other equipment and tooling accessories can not be hoisted. The choice of steel ropes and shackles can only depend on the lifting industry and other The construction experience of the operator is even more so when making temporary lifting lugs on the spot, and often cuts and cuts the residual materials on the spot.

Therefore, it is very important to formulate a quick selection method for lifting slings such as steel wire ropes, shackles, and on-site production of lifting ears. After the crane worker and the team leader have mastered this method, it is easy to quickly and correctly select the steel wire rope, shackles, and site Make lifting ears, etc., to ensure the safety of lifting and lifting operations at the source. According to the relevant national hoisting and hoisting codes, combined with the previous construction experience, it is possible to sort out the quick selection codes for temporary hoisting slings.

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