Safe Use Of Slings Requires Proper Connection Mode

Safe Use Of Slings Requires Proper Connection Mode

Date:Dec 13, 2019

Safe use of slings requires proper connection mode

In the lifting operation, the correct use of the sling connection method actually has a great impact on the safety of the operation!

1. The slings should be properly placed and connected in a safe manner. The slings must be placed on the load so that the load can even affect the width of the sling;

2. Never knot or twist the sling;

3. The suture site cannot be placed on a hook or lifting equipment;

4. Always on the upright part of the sling;

5. Prevent label damage by staying away from loads, hooks, and locking angles.

When encountering multiple combination slings, more attention needs to be paid. The evaluation of the ultimate working force of a multiple combination sling depends on the symmetry of the load on the combination sling, that is, when lifting, the branches of the sling are symmetrically and evenly distributed according to the design and have the same vertical angle.

For a combination sling, if the branch cannot bear the force uniformly according to the design, and the force is on a branch, it will be the sum of the bearing forces near the design angle. The same result will be the same in the four combination slings, Included.

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