Slings Should Be Set With Necessary Safety Signs

Slings Should Be Set With Necessary Safety Signs

Date:Feb 21, 2020

Slings should be set with necessary safety signs

It is an important part of management to set up safety signs for lifting slings so that it is convenient to effectively manage, maintain, and prevent accidents caused by damage to slings or misuse of inappropriate slings. 

1. The slings shall be provided with necessary safety signs, and the performance parameters such as the name, specifications, model, lifting weight, etc. of the slings shall be identified as needed, as well as the precautions for use.

2. The safety signs of the slings can follow the signs provided by the supplier, or the signs can be set by the user department as required. The safety signs of the slings can be in the form of signs or other forms such as oil paint signs.

3. In addition to identifying its model specifications, various types of steel wire rope slings, nylon slings, and chains are also used to indicate the load comparison tables of the slings in various configurations and various lifting angles.

In recent years, with the widespread application of slings, lifting accidents often occur. How to ensure the safety of operations has become a focus of great concern to customers. Setting safety signs on slings is a good management method that can be easily identified by operators. In order to choose the most suitable sling product.


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