Special Attention Should Be Paid To The Lifting Operation Of The Sling

Special Attention Should Be Paid To The Lifting Operation Of The Sling

Date:Mar 27, 2020

Special attention should be paid to the lifting operation of the sling

In recent years, most of the accidents that occur during the lifting application of slings are caused by the lack of professional knowledge of the operators. Therefore, GOSTERN RIGGING COMPANY reminds you that it is very important to train the ability of operators to ensure the safety of the entire operation process. The following points should be noticed in the sling lifting operation.

1. First, the person in charge should be vigilant, pay attention to the state of the sling, and adjust it in time.

2. Pay attention to whether the cable slack length meets the requirements and check whether the cable movement is blocked. When the wind speed exceeds level 6, regardless of the wind direction, it is forbidden to pull up the connection height.

3. When the air volume increases momentarily, you should immediately exit the relationship setting between the lifting function and the rack.

4. During the re-lifting process, it is forbidden to change the growth and rotation procedures and should be turned off. If an execution or other error event occurs, the verification must be canceled immediately.

5. Special attention should be paid to the power supply within the standard range to avoid accidental sliding and life-threatening.

It can be seen that there are many safety measures to comply with and implement the process of lifting slings. This requires operators to continuously improve their professional and technical level, improve the use of lifting slings with safety awareness, and strengthen technical training. An important guarantee for the safe operation of lifting slings.

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