Stainless Steel Chain Classification

Stainless Steel Chain Classification

Date:Aug 14, 2019

1. It is made of high-quality products 1Cr18Ni9Ti or SS304 stainless steel. It has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, cold and heat resistance, long service life, etc. It is widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, printing, silk and other machinery, and for various import and export. The machine is equipped with excellent equipment for modern equipment.

2. Austenitic stainless steel chain series, such as 304 and 316 and 316L and other materials have excellent corrosion resistance, such as acid, alkali and high temperature and low temperature range of -40 ° ~ 600 °. In comparison, 316L has better diamagnetism, harsh temperature suitability and chemical resistance.

3. Martensitic stainless steel chain series, such as 2Cr13, not only have the proper anti-corrosion ability, but also the strength of carbon steel with the same carbon content.


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