Users Should Strengthen The Concept Of Safe Use Of Slings

Users Should Strengthen The Concept Of Safe Use Of Slings

Date:Feb 24, 2020

Users should strengthen the concept of safe use of slings

Spreaders, rigging and their end fittings are often used in lifting operations. According to industry habits, we call rigid lifting devices for lifting operations such as hangers, grabs, Clamps, suction cups, special spreaders, etc. The flexible tools that bind the workpiece are called rigging, such as wire ropes, chain links, synthetic fiber slings, etc. End fittings are commonly used in rings, shackles, wire rope clips, etc.

The process and characteristics of the lifting operation determine that the lifting operation is a special operation with a high degree of danger. Due to improper inspection and improper use of these slings by operators, accidents often occur, and there are countless cases in this regard. Therefore, it is said that although the lifting sling is small, it is of great importance and should not be ignored by us.

Falling of heavy objects is an important blow injury in lifting accidents, including secondary injuries caused by scattered heavy objects. Among the many reasons for the fall are improper use of slings, inadequately tied heavy objects, unhook of hooks, sudden power failure of suction cups, and so on. Therefore, the standardized application of slings will play a significant role in improving the safety and reliability of the equipment itself and in the operation process and improving work efficiency.


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