What Are The Large Irregular Heavy Cargoes In The Operation Of Rigging

What Are The Large Irregular Heavy Cargoes In The Operation Of Rigging

Date:Jan 16, 2020

What are the large irregular heavy cargoes in the operation of rigging

Large-scale equipment has brought new problems to enterprises due to its large tonnage, inconvenient operation, irregular shape, and a high-risk factor for lifting. So, in practice, what are the types of large irregular heavy cargoes that are most commonly contacted by slings?

(1) Pressure vessels

Common pressure vessels are mostly cylindrical in shape and their centers of gravity are basically symmetrical. There are also small amounts of spherical and other irregular shapes. Pressure vessels are mostly made of steel. Depending on the situation of the place of use, there are either ordinary steel or stainless steel. In order to prevent the equipment from being deformed during transportation, large-sized pressure vessels are generally equipped with process ribs inside to ensure that the product does not deform. With the development of the coal chemical industry and petrochemical industry, the size and tonnage of pressure vessels are now moving towards large-scale development, which brings new challenges to lifting operations.

(2) Ship segmentation

Ship segmentation is one of the most basic components in the shipbuilding industry. No matter what type of ship, the basic construction process is made up of small segments. With the development of world maritime trade, the tonnage of ships is getting larger and larger, resulting in larger and larger sections and weights. Along with the enhancement of shipbuilding capabilities, the segmented hoisting has also brought new problems to the enterprise. The design and construction of segments must be in accordance with the relevant codes and rules of internationally recognized classification societies. Segmented lifting requires the installation of lifting ears. The design of the lifting ears must meet the requirements of strength and center of gravity at the same time, and the steel plate cannot be deformed. Sections are generally blanks and are not painted.

(3) Wind power equipment

Judging from the medium- and long-term development plan formulated by the state, China will further improve the power installation structure and increase the efforts to develop renewable energy, so as to reduce the proportion of thermal power fossil resources in the national power installation structure. Therefore, for a considerable period of time, wind power generation will become a new energy source with commercial value. For the time being, no equipment can completely replace wind power generation equipment. Safe transportation and hoisting of key components such as large-scale wind power equipment and impellers are also a major problem.

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