What are the components of the billet clamp

What are the components of the billet clamp

Date:Dec 18, 2019

What are the components of the billet clamp

Billet clamp-type slings are often used in lifting operations. It is mainly composed of seven parts: hanging beam, connecting rod, opening, and closing mechanism, synchronizer, forceps arm, support plate, and forceps.

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1. The hanging beam is a component connected to the crane coupler and has three structures: a ring shackle type connection, a sling-type connection, and a lifting ear type connection.

The hanging ring shackle-type connection to the hanging shaft improves the stress condition of the spreader and also avoids the decoupling phenomenon during the loading and unloading of the billet, which reduces the height of the clamp itself, which is beneficial to low places.

The sling-type connection of the hoisting shaft makes the force of the clamp better, but the height of the sling itself is large, and it needs to be used in high places, and auxiliary hooks need to be manually used when hanging the hook.

The ear-type connection of the hanging shaft can be directly hooked by the crane driver, but during the lifting operation, the steel billet-type sling should be grounded, and the hook should be lowered until the force is not applied. This may easily cause the hook to disengage.

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2. The connecting rod is the connection between the hanging beam and the clamp arm.

3. The opening and closing mechanism have manual lift type, (automatic) double hook type, (automatic) single hook type, (automatic) turn-lock type and other forms. The automatic opening and closing mechanism is a mechanism for automatically opening and closing the billet clamp. Its action does not require any external power source, and the automatic opening and closing of the clamp are realized by the gravity of the clamp itself. Lubrication of the opening and closing mechanism: Lubricating oil (or engine oil) must be added regularly (2 to 3 days), and then move up and down several times until the lubrication is complete. Do not add excessive grease to lubricate!

4. The synchronizer is a device that guarantees the synchronous movement of each clamp arm of the clamp.

5. The clamp arm is the main force-increasing part of the clamp, which is used to clamp the billet.

6. The support plate is a support for the billet clamp. The support plate is supported on the upper surface of the billet to ensure the smooth operation of the opening and closing mechanism of the billet type sling.

7. The jaws have pin-joint, dovetail-joint, and slot-type plug-in structures. Clamping teeth are the main parts in direct contact with the slab, which determines the reliability of the slab clamp for holding the slab.

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