Use And Maintenance Of Lifting Straps

Use And Maintenance Of Lifting Straps

Date:Feb 04, 2020

Use and maintenance of lifting straps

The sling products of Jiangsu Gostern Rigging are made of high-strength polyester filaments. They have the characteristics of anti-oxidation, abrasion resistance, and UV resistance, It has no harm to the human body and is widely used in various production fields. There are many types of slings. Conventional slings (according to the appearance of the sling) are divided into four categories: round-shaped core, round flat, double-eye core, and double-eye flat. According to statistics, in the market, user friends have not paid enough attention to the use and maintenance of slings. Used slings are often left at will, which will undoubtedly shorten the life of the slings.

1.Use of lifting straps

First confirm the length and load capacity of the sling, select the correct method factor, and do not use a sling with severe damage. Control the position of the center of gravity of the load to prevent the object from falling off. In addition, the lifting strap should not be knotted or twisted during use, and should not be permanently loaded. It should not be used for lifting goods with sharp edges or corners without protection.

2.Maintenance of lifting straps

-20 to 100 ° C is the working stability range of lifting straps. Every fixed connection and lifting strap needs to be regularly inspected after use. Safety inspections are performed by professionals to eliminate potential quality hazards in a timely manner. When the lifting strap is not in use, it should be stored in an anti-corrosive tool rack to ensure a certain degree of dryness and not to be near any heat source. It should be noted that dangerous lifting straps should follow the supplier's recommendations and must not be repaired by themselves.  

Compared with steel wire ropes, slings are more susceptible to damage by sharp edges. In order to avoid cuts, it is important to understand the use and maintenance of slings.

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