Eye Slip Hook

Technology: Drop forged
Usage: Lifting and connecting
Packing: Gunny, Carton, Pallet, etc



Eye slip hook

1.Material: Carbon steel, Malleable Iron, Stainless steel 304 or 316

2. Surface: Hot Dipped Galvanized, Electro Galvanized, Color Painted, High polished, Mirror Polished

3.Technology: Drop forged

4.Usage: Lifting and connecting

5.Packing: Gunny, Carton, Pallet, etc


Inspection Before Use
The pre-use check for the eye slip hooks should cover the following:
1. The WLL of the eye slip hooks should be clearly marked.
2. The safety catch of the eye slip hook should be in place and functioning correctly.
3. The eye slip hook should be checked for any distortion, cracking and excessive wear or corrosion.
NOTE: The wear on the bearing surface of the hook should not exceed 8% of the nominal dimension.
4. Check that the opening of the eye slip hook is within the manufacturers’ parameters. If the hook is opened excessively it is a sign that it has been point loaded or overloaded.
5. Moving parts such as release cams should be checked for free movement.
6. If the hook is a ball bearing swivel hook check that the hook is swiveling freely and that the bearing is not making any unusual noises. Unusual noises are often a sign of bearing fatigue or bearing failure.
7. If the eye slip hook has a threaded machined shank ensure that the thread is in good order and that the nut is turning freely on the thread


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