Industrial Lifting Magnets

Product name : Industrial Lifting Magnets Material: Rare earth magnet, Neo magnets, carbon steel Use: transportation, lifting process of steel, machining, mold, warehouse Safety working load: 8t Specification: permanent lifting magnet, super magnet automatic lifting sucker Delivery cycle:...



Product name Industrial Lifting Magnets

Material:Rare earth magnet, Neo magnets, carbon steel

Use:transportation, lifting process of steel, machining, mold, warehouse

Safety working load:8t

Specification:permanent lifting magnet, super magnet automatic lifting sucker

Delivery cycle:8-30days




a. Zero electricity required

b. Forged hook for high mechanical strength and durability

c. Precision machined assembly block in a single piece to enhance efficiency

d. Designed for safety and lightweight

e. Foolproof locking system with an easy to use "on" and "off" lever

f. 3.5 times rated capacity factor of safety to meet the safety standards as per international standards for under the hook devices

g. Test certificate for safety factor from government-approved third party

h. No Maintenance and Operating cost

i. No damage to the workpiece being lifted

j. Very Compact







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1. Magnetic Tool ----Lifting Magnets

The magnetic lifter can be divided into an electric magnetic lifter and a permanent magnetic lifter. Both electric magnetic lifter and the permanent magnetic lifter will generate a strong magnetic field on their working surface during the work process. The magnetic field line will cross the ferromagnetic workpiece during working, and the workpiece can be treated as part of the main magnetic circuit.

2. How does the Permanent Magnetic Lifter Works?

The relative movement between the magnetic systems will achieve adding and cancellation of magnetic field strength on the working surface, then ensure the switching between load and unload.

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