En12195 2

En12195 2" 4/5 Ton Cargo Lashing Ratchet Tie Down Straps

Description: recovery strap with hooks or shackles
Webbing material: 100% high tenacity Polyester.
Width: 1"(25mm)--8"(240mm )
Length: Customized
Working temperature: -40°C-100°C
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High strength Tow Strap Car Tow Rope Recovery strap

If your car or truck breaks down, or you get stuck in the sand, mud, or snowbank, this Recovery Strap is the smartest recovery strap to help you get out of danger. Just like carrying a spare tire or first aid kit, a tow strap is an essential tool that can save you or others in a pinch.



Description: Webbing tow strap with hooks or shackles

Webbing material: 100% high tenacity Polyester. 

Width: 1"(25mm)/2"(50mm) /3"(75mm)/4"(100mm)...8"(240mm)

Length: Customized

Working temperature: -40°C-100°C
Packing: Packing in bag, then master carton.

Trailer Hook: Quenched & Tempered,

*Max proof load is 2.5 times working load limit, ultimate Load is 4 times working load limit.

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